6 Best Drones for 2020 - User Reviews & Ratings

It’s 2020 we surely don’t have flying cars but we definitely have flying cameras. These are called drones. These flying cameras are like aircraft and can be run without a pilot in it. However, these are to be controlled by a person on the ground with the help of GPS. These drones have a camera in them that is used to take pictures and record videos from aerial view. Drones are quite complex to handle as compared to normal digital cameras and can be handled only by professionals. There is various kinds of Top Rated Drones in 2020 with Reviews available in the market however the six best drones are mentioned below.


DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

The Mavic 2 zoom is considered as one of the most popular and the best type of drone available for photography. It is very portable and has an optical zoom feature. Although it is a bit expensive it is worthy of the price. It is average weight and can be carried along easily. It has a good quality lens with it which is sufficient to get good pictures from above. It has added with itself a lot of features which makes it unique in itself.

Hyper lapse is one feature that Mavic pro comes with. In this contest, hyper-lapse can also be called as aerial time lapse. They are amazing in tracking objects and can become heavier on a windy day because of the airframe it contains. They have incredible control on speed and have quiet propellers. This is specially used while capturing sunsets, with the zoom feature, it creates amazing cinematic and dramatic effects in the video.

Parrot Anafi

If you are a travelling freak or a travel Vlogger then this drone is the best for you. It is a foldable drone hence can be carried along with you on trips making it highly portable. It is cost-effective and has a battery life of 2700 mAh. The frame is built with carbon- fibre material so that there are very fewer chances of the frame to break. It has this amazing feature of the 180-degree gimbal. With the use of this feature, the drone can be turned 180 degrees vertically giving the full view of the surroundings.

DJI Maciv Mini

If you are new to the use of drones and are unaware of how to operate them, then Maciv mini is the one for you. it is the best drone camera for beginners with a maximum range of about 4 kilometres. It is the easiest drone to fly. It is small, easy to carry, convenient and portable. But this does not mean it has compromised with its camera quality. The camera quality is one of the best with 12mp resolution. This drone has got a 3 axis gimbal that provides enough stabilisation to the camera to produce smooth and noise-free images.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

Phantom 4 Pro version 2.0 is co considered to be one of the best drone cameras for professional photographers. The design is very pleasing although it is bigger in size than others it is because it has the best features than other drones. It has a very large sensor and it can perform the task of tracking the subjects very easily. With the maximum range of 7 kilometres, phantom 4 pro is a popular choice for serious filmmakers. IP Address And Their Growing Priority

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